Acton, the place I spent my childhood in, where my first job was, and where I met some of the most amazing people.

Downtown Acton

The Acton Fall Fair

The Acton Fall Fair only comes once a year, and in the Halton region, Acton is considered one of the best towns to host the fair. The fair is usually held on either the first or second weekend of September and runs from Friday night to Sunday afternoon. Saturday is the best day to enjoy the fair as you get the most for your day pass and that day is when all the events are going on such as the tractor events, animal events, and Ms. Acton.

The fair offers some great rides, most of the rides in my personal opinion are made to make you as nauscious as possible. Rides like the Starship 3000, Avalanche, Himalayas, and Strawberries. Other than rides the fair offers your typical carnival games like shooting darts at balloons, shooting the water gun at the target, and throwing ping-pong balls in fish bowls to win a goldfish.

The food there is always great going from an older lady selling her fresh fudge and beer nuts to some of the best fries you will ever have. The Acton Firefighters BBQ is always successful as they make a great burger. Also make sure to check out the $1 candy bag store as there is a wide selection of treats to get your hands on.

The Cliff Hanger

What to do well in Acton

Acton is the little small town in Halton that everybody forgets about, but they are there and even though Acton is small there is still so much to do and keep you busy with. Activities such as:

  • Leather Town Festivals (Twice a year)
  • The Acton Arena with 3 hockey rinks
  • Skate Park
  • Farmer’s Market’s (Run’s every Thursday in the summer)
  • Fishing in Fairy Lake
  • Prospect Park (Prospect Park offers multiple activities to do such as using the indoor soccer and baseball fields, the tennis and basketball courts, the splash pad and the park itself)

Where to eat

This small town offers a few place to eat like:

The Starlight Café is a great little breakfast restaurant for anyone, it’s a warm comfortable place to sit down have a nice breakfast and start your day off. The Clay Oven is a very nice dinner restaurant. This is a recently opened restaurant that serves indian cuisine and has been very successful since being open.

The Olde Hide House 

The Olde Hide House is what makes Acton amazing. It is what gives Acton the phrase “It’s worth the drive to Acton”. The Olde Hide House has been operating since 1829, when three brothers acquired parts of land from the Canada Company and called the land they owned Adamsville, they then later changed it to Acton when a post office was established in the community.

olde hide house.jpg
The Olde Hide House 

The Olde Hide House is the largest leather store in Canada. They offer amazing leather furniture, jackets, outerwear and more! When in the Halton Region this is a place you need to checkout. Learn More at:

In conclusion, Acton is a great little town to visit, whether your coming down for the annual fair or shopping at the largest leather store in Canada.



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