The Social Media Battle between Coca-Cola and Pepsi



Coca-Cola had their last Facebook post on October 19th, this post was supporting the Toronto Blue jays in the playoffs. You can see that Coca-Cola does not post often to Facebook but on an almost week-week basis as their last post on Facebook before that was on October 4th.  These posts average about 2,000-5,000 likes. Also averaging about 50-200 shares per post. Coca-Cola has 93,950,048 people that like their page.

Coca-Cola picture
Figure 1: “Our #rallycap is on, is yours?! Let’s do this Blue jay#ComeTogether #gojaysgo”


Coca-Cola has a very good Instagram account as their last post was 1 day ago, celebrating world kindness day and Friday the 13th, this social media account posts pictures or short videos about every 2-3 days. Each post averages about 14,000-15,000 likes. These posts are based on their product being intertwined with holidays, seasons, award shows, and people sharing their coke. Coca-Cola has 909,000 follows on Instagram.


Coca-Colas Twitter account has 3.1 Million followers, you see that they use their twitter account to not just tweet and post pictures but to reply to other people’s tweets with them using their coke products, they do this so the consumer get a personal experience with the product, they want to show that they care about their customer by sending each one an appreciation tweet when they are mentioned.



Pepsi had their last post on November 14th, this post is promoting their Pepsi Christmas season emoji’s on their cans. Pepsi has a new post about every 3-4 days, the post before that one was on November 9th. Pepsi averages about 200-500 likes per post. They are also averaging about 20-50 shares per post. Pepsi has 34,013,617 likes on their Facebook page.

pepsi picture
Figure 2: “Here’s one for all those hockey fans”


Pepsi’s last post was 3 days ago, before the post 3 days ago it was about 1-2 weeks, they have 313,000 followers on Instagram. Their last post is an appreciation post for helping them bring up the psychedelic Pepsi Art dome to life at the Voodoo Music and Arts festival. Each post averages about 3,000-4,000 likes. I notice a lot of these posts are in a pop culture/retro setting and in every post you can see that their Pepsi product is outlined to make it very noticeable for people.


Pepsi’s Twitter account has 2.9 million followers, unlike Coca-Cola, I notice Pepsi uses their account to post instead of tweeting directly to people. Pepsi has a lot of tweets about football advertisements and TV shows on Fox. You notice on their twitter account they are partnered with Fox entertainment and the NFL, as almost every tweet is involved with those two partnerships.


Which Business is more successful at Social Media?

From the stats presented in the above statements you see that Coca-Cola dominates Pepsi in numbers of followers in each Social media website. These two businesses attack social media in a different way for all three websites. Coca-Cola uses their Facebook page and Instagram page to post about popular events/days, such as the blue jays playoff run and Friday the 13th. They then use their twitter page to interact one-one with their consumers that are enjoying their product. Pepsi uses their Facebook page to promote their emoji promotion and their products to do with sports like Football and Hockey. They use their Instagram to show that they can be a kind of hipster business with retro picture and videos shown with their product in it, and for their Twitter account you see they promote football nights and Fox Entertainment TV shows. Coca-Cola is my choice for the more successful business because Coca-Colas social media stats dominate Pepsi’s numbers in a big way. I also chose Coca-Cola because of their great social media promotion prescience, how they support big events, and how they use their twitter to make consumers feel noticed.

Why Coca-Cola is destroying Pepsi in Social Media

  • They have established brand awareness
  • Their product is in big fast food chains such as McDonalds, Harvey’s, and Wendy’s so it gets their product name out there and can have the effect of getting searched up on social media because it is such a popular product
  • They run fantastic promotions such as “Share a Coke”, “Christmas Truck Tour” and the “Coca-Cola Happiness Week”
  • Great use of coloring
  • One on One interactions on Twitter with consumers
  • Supports popular teams and events like the Toronto Blue jays and World Kindness Day
  • They attract a wide range of people to get involved in their promotions, the “Share A Coke” promotion is a promotion that has affected so many people cause of the names on the bottle, and Coca-Cola than wants them to post a picture with the bottle and put #shareacoketogether


Successful and unsuccessful Social media tactics from Coca-Cola

  • Coca-Cola uses hashtags on their Instagram posts (about 3-4 each post)
  • Coca-Cola is smart to post on Thursdays and Fridays because engagement rates are 18% higher on Facebook
  • Coca-Cola has a lot of shares on each of their Facebook posts, the reasons why are because they use eye-catching images, red is a very popular color with everyone.
  • They keep their posts short than show the picture, they always offer value and they are very consistent with promoting their “Share a Coke” campaign.
  • Coca-Cola as a business needs to tweet more, it is smart that you answer customer questions, inquiries, and send appreciation tweets to them but they need to tweet as a business to get people to retweet/like their tweets


Successful and unsuccessful Social media tactics from Pepsi

  • Pepsi does not use that many hashtags but instead like to tag the person or business that provides them with the art or video
  • Pepsi should start using hashtags as people do search them on Instagram and just putting a few hashtags could spike the number of likes and followers a bit more each time
  • Pepsi is smart to post on Thursdays and Fridays because engagement rates are 18% higher on Facebook
  • Twitter engagements for brands is 17% higher on weekends, Pepsi is very smart to be partnered with the NFL because Sunday is the biggest NFL day of the week
  • Pepsi needs to start offering value to their product, the emoji promotion is just not good enough for consumers especially compared to the “Share a Coke” promo. Other than that Pepsi uses eye catching pictures and they keep their posts short
  • Pepsi always uses hashtags on Twitter, it is said that hashtags give tweets 2X the engagement